Saturday, August 16, 2008


Thanks to everyone for making Portable Works a great experience!! I look forward to hearing form students in the class as to how art and life are progressing beyond our summer course...keep in touch!!

Final Show

Here's some images from our final show. We had a great turn out and all of the final works looked really good in the Mattress Factory lobby. Many student's parents came and a good number of gallery goers too. Audrey Sygar's "Welcome" mural got lots of attention as did Lexi Ribar's dessert back drop and camera. Visitors looked high and low for Cash Dhanda's "Invisible Notes", and Maya Randolph's invisible theater held unlikely audiences. Ben Rutkowski's tin can telephones communicated (or didn't) the shortcomings of contemporary telecommunications and Matt Rutkowski's small diorama of a man in a burning room mourned the impacts apathy can have on an individual.

In the Classroom

I have to say, ( Ally Reeves speaking in first person here) that this class has been a fantastic experience for me. Getting to know each of the students has been rewarding and I feel like it was a gift of sorts to have people share their thoughts on themselves and the world. Maybe most memorable for me were points when people stayed after class and we talked politics, art and life goals. Also memorable were moments where I worried students weren't focusing and wouldn't have time to complete their projects - but then they took off and made something amazing and unexpected, like a balloon on a super long string that illustrated the air currents in the courtyard near our classroom. Thanks everyone. You were wonderful!

Sandwich Boards

Following our review of sign and text related art being placed in the larger world by artists, I whipped up six sandwich boards for us to showcase some messages of our own! We tried to consider how our messages would affect an audience and we put forward statements that said something about where we are in life right now. We wanted to spread ideas that we feel are currently lacking or absent in conversation and public places.

In the Works

Here's a few shots from our in class work. Following our review of a few mail art projects other artists had done, we decided to make some mailable art of our own! We made works in response to two open calls for mail art- one in the Netherlands and one in Italy. We'll be mailing these works aways as soon as our show at the Mattress Factory comes down.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Gigapans and the Larger World

We took a walk around the N.side of Pittsburgh and used one of the new Gigapan cameras to catch a shot of some kids playing basketball. Part of our class mission is to consider the impact place can have on our work. We had a discussion of how to frame his photo, and following its post we discussed this image's strong points.
View the whole image and explore its details!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Time for Mail Art!

Today we'll be doing a short postcard project and sending it to one of the mail art projects listed below! These open calls for mail art were taken from a website titled Mail-Art that seems to have a rolling call for mail art projects from around the world.

Possible Project #1

THEME: send me your heart!

Comment: send images drawing stamp love letter...anything dealing with heart...
in a physical or metaphorical meaning...send me your heart!

Info: For my archive please send me any medium that deal with any technique.

Deadline: none

Artist: irene rinaldi / via rosazza 32 sc A int 5 / 00153 / italy /

Posted: 21.07.2008

Possible Project #2

THEME: Mail-art Call Zebra

Comment: Send us your mailart about the ZEBRA. Free size, technique & medium. Postal mailart only. Ongoing project. First exhibition in october 2008.
Please include your name, age, address and e-mailaddress. Documentation & mail-art to all.

Info: For my project please send me all postal objects that deal with any technique.

Deadline: none

Artist: Mail-art group Zebra / Hongarenburg 447 / 2591 VS Den Haag / The Netherlands /

Posted: 15.07.2008

Possible Project #3

THEME: Going postal

Comment: artists/writers/performers/musicians are invited to submit works by post which explore/experiment with the way we communicate in today’s/yesterday/ tomorrow’s world.

Info: For my exhibition please send me any medium that deal with any technique.

Deadline: 31.10.2008

Artist: Brunswick Arts / 2a Breese Street / 3056 / Australia /

Posted: 08.06.2008